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209 North Jefferson Street Punxsutawney PA 15767

Although there is not a fixed rental fee, a Donation of any amount is accepted for use of the Building to help maintain facility operations and availablity of this great community resource.

All requests to reserve the Social Building must be put in writing and delivered by person to:
 the Housing Authority's OFFICE at 201 North Jefferson Street.

Requests must include the following information:

Phone Number
Organization (if applicable)
Event Date
Time Requested on that date
Requests are considered on a first come-first serve basis.
Requests cannot be considered more than 90-days in advance.
A request does not guarantee a space, Reservations must be confirmed by the Management Office.

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Jefferson Street Hi-Rise Social Building Is Available For Events


  1. Applicant, or their agent, must be in attendance during the function. Applicant will be responsible for their guests and must ensure that all rules are followed.
  2. The Building is a SMOKE-FREE facility.
  3. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  4. The key to the Building is to be picked up on the first business day before your event at the Housing Authority Management Office between the hours of 9:00 AM and 330pm (except lunch), Monday thru Friday. Should you have to contact the emergency phone number to pick up your key, you will be charged a $50.00 fee for the call out. The key is to be returned to the Management Office the next business day after the event. Failure to return keys may result in you being charged for a complete lock change.
  5. Nothing is to be removed from the walls. The walls are not to be penetrated by any sharp objects, such as thumbtacks, nails, etc.
  6. Nothing is to be hung or attached to the ceiling or ceiling tiles.
  7. Do not slide the tables across the floor.
  8. Do not turn the heat off.
  9. The Building should be left in the same condition when you leave as it was when you arrived for your event. If there are any costs to repair damages caused by applicant, those costs will be charged to individual responsible for renting the space.

The Community Center is in order when:

  • Counters, tables, and floors are wiped clean.
  • Tables & Chairs are placed back in their original order.
  • Floors are swept and/or mopped.
  • Any dishes are washed, dried and placed back in cupboards.
  • All food and supplies, which have brought in, are removed.
  • Trash has been bagged, tied and removed & placed in the garbage container in the parking lot. New bags are placed in the containers.
  • Restrooms are checked and cleaned.
  • All lights are turned off.

JCHA is an Equal Housing Agency

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